About us

Established in 1992, Healbeau International Pte Ltd is the premier company dedicated to enhancing the quality of women's life through our focus in Nature, Health and Beauty. Healbeau aspires to be the one of the leading Skincare Master Distributor in Singapore,Malaysia and Southeast Asia. We intend to enhance the quality of women's life through our focus in Nature, Health and Beauty.

Healbeau International believes that health shall be a guide on methodology and treatments used in the wellness programmes. Programmes that help enhance and compliment the beauty of women through the focus in Nature, Health and Beauty.

Company's Vision
To Drive and Lead Healbeau International into 5 Stages of Excellence:
To market quality products and certified products across the continents.
To provide professional trainings to equipped students with relevant knowledge and skills.
To provide 5-star services to clients as well as franchisees and partners.
To create and develop franchises and partnerships globally.
To bring together franchisees and partners from all over the world through Global Networking, in exchange of latest news, information and technology in the Skincare and Beauty industry.
To take a pro active approach in improving and satisfying the ever changing beauty needs and wants of individual customers by furnishing with support services, timely information on the latest products development, latest beauty equipments, new treatments, reliable logistics and efficient delivery.
Completing the health and beauty needs of our customers through the benefits of nature.
Dedicated to improving the well being of our customers from head to toe.
Bringing out the confidence, determination and will power in every individual.