Arbutin Dermo Active Cream Mask


Even and lighten the skin tone

Contributes to reduce hyperpigmentation blemishes

Offers antioxidant and soothing properties

By inhibiting the synthesis of melanin thanks to the Arbutin action, this cream mask contributes to reduce the hyperpigmentation problems, evening the skin tone and brightening the complexion. It also helps to maintain the cutaneous hydration and protect the epidermis from external aggressions. The skin feels more comfortable and radiant !

Directions for use : Once to twice a week, on a clean and dry skin, apply a thick layer of the Arbutin Dermo Active Cream Mask onto face and neck. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Remove it with a damp cotton pad. Then use the Arbutin Dermo Active Complex.

Ref: DACMASK100/4 - 100ml jar • Available in 250ml jar : DACMASK250/4


Arbutin Dermo Active Complex


Minimizes pigmentation problems appearance

Reduces the aspect of blemishes

Evens and brightens the skin tone

Thanks to its high concentration of arbutin the Arbutin Dermo Active Complex contributes actively to slow down melanin biosynthesis and minimize pigmentation problems. It brightens and evens the skin tone and with its light and fluid texture results in a real moment ofwell-being.

Directions for use:  After the mask apply the Arbutin Dermo Active Complex onto targeted areas (face and neck) in light circular motions twice a day for 3 to 4 weeks. Renew the treatement twice a year according to the needs.

Ref:B0035/4 - 30ml bottle • Available in box of 1.5ml x 7 units : B00154/7


Arbutin Dermo Active Cream


Brings immediate and long-term lightening effects

Minimizes the appearance of blemishes

Brings moisturization

Specially formulated to bring an immediate and long term brightening effect, the Arbutin Dermo Active Cream actively contributes to even the skin tone and minimize the appearance of pigmentation problems while moisturizing the epidermis. Its soft and light texture makes the application easy and very pleasant for a real moment of pureness!

Directions for use:  After the complex apply the Arbutin Dermo Active Cream. Massage gently onto face and neck in light circular motions.

Ref:B0050/4 - 50 ml tube • Available 150 ml airless : B0150/4

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