Dr Vera Zec

  • Graduated in Belgrade University – Faculty of Technology – Electrochemistry department

  • Postgraduate study level – Faculty of Technology – producing antibiotics and cosmetics products

  • Specialization in Cosmetology

  • Special scientific researching work in: Cathode effects by applying modifying currents machines on human body
  • Doctorate in Medical Cosmetology
  • Two lectures in International Congress of Ozone Therapy and Hydro-Ozone Therapy, Brazil 2011, have included in regularly lessons in Sao Paolo University
  • Founder of “Aquatonale Beauty Academy” 20 years ago – the first academy for cosmetology (university range) in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia

  • Professor of Cosmetology in “Aquatonale Beauty Academy” for 20 years 
  • Winner of many International Awards and Plaques: CIDESCO Attestation

Dr Vera Zec are incorporated in Aquatonale Beauty Academy all her life work and knowledge