Improves skin contact area and thus, increases efficiency compared to traditional masks
Gives an extremely delicate and soft feeling
Fits perfectly : the skin is entirely treated for better results and the mask does not go off, no matter how long it is kept on
Biocellulose : With a diameter of 2-100 nano, Bacterial Cellulose (or Biocellulose) is actually a thousand times thinner than hair. Thanks to this incredible feature Biocellulose is the thinnest nature fiber ever applied to cosmetics. It makes it absolutely adaptable to any shape of face and respect skin breathing.
Anti-Wrinkle Nano Fiber Mask
With its very rich formula, the Anti-Ageing Nano Bio-Fiber Mask reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines helps to tense and firm the skin and shows nourishing and healing properties.


Ref:BIOWRINK/4 - Box of 4 units

Moisturizing Nano Fiber Mask
The Moisturizing Nano Bio-Fiber Mask is ideal for a refreshing and balanced moisturization of the skin.
Ref:BIOMOIST/4 - Box of 4 units

Whitening Nano Fiber Mask

The Whitening Nano Bio-Fiber Mask helps to lighten the skin, bring and regulate moisturization and improve skin elasticity.

Directions for use: 

1) Cleanse the skin to prepare it to the treatment.
2) Tear off the first non-woven layer (rough surface).
3) Place the middle semi-transparent mask on the face, starting from the eye area down to the
chin and pressing it gently onto your skin. Remove the third layer (smooth surface) and press
the mask onto the entire face for a better contact.
4) After 15 to 20 minutes, remove the mask and massage the skin gently for a complete penetration
of the product and a successful treatment

Ref:BIOWHITE/4 - Box of 4 units

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