Brown spots appearance, uneven skin tone and some hyper pigmentation problems are directly due to sun exposure and get worse with age.  In order to fight against this phenomenon and lighten the skin complexion, AQ Cosmetics developed the Whitening Treatment whose actives have been specially selected to clarify and restore skin’s glow.  In a moment of well-being, imperfections fade away to reveal a fresh and radiant complexion.


 Glycolic Acid Peeling 30% - Box of 3ml x 10 units


Removes dead cell

Helps to slow down pigmentation and spots blemishes

Reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Direction for use:  Apply a few drops of the product on a clean and dry skin and spread it on the targeted areas, avoiding the eye area.  Leave it on for 5 minutes maximum and rinse thouroughly with water.  Then, apply the neutralizing lotion in order to restore the skin pH.  Stop the treatment in case or irritation.



 pH Re-Balancing Lotion – Bottle 500 ml


Restore the pH

Contributes to fight against irritations

Brings back comfort to the skin

Directions for use:  After a peeling treatment, apply the pH Re-Balancing Lotion onto face and/or treated areas with a cotton pad to restore the skin pH before treatment.



 Vitamin C peel-Off Mask – Box of 25g X 10 units

Slows down melanin synthesis

Lightens the skin tone

Reduces appearance of age-related blemishes

Directions for use : Mix briskly 25g of powder with 75ml of water in a recipient for about 1min30, in order to avoid the formation of lumps.  Apply a thick layer on the face and neck with spatula.  Leave it on for 20 minutes.  Remove the mask starting from the neck.  Use a damp cotton pad to remove residues.



 Arbutin Complex – Box of 3ml X 10 units

Minimizes pigmentation problems appearance

Helps to reduce blemishes

Evens skin tone and brighten the complexion

Directions for use:  Release the product by breaking the neck of the ampoule.  Apply the serum onto targeted areas(face& neck) in light circular motions twice a day for 3 to 4 weeks.  Renew the treatment monthly, according to the needs.

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